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Stakall, Company

Located in Mumbai, India; we are production and welding people. Having been in business for over a decade, we specialize in material storage equipment. From steel pallets to heavy duty boxes, from drum pallets to mini containers we manufacture a wide range of storage solutions. Then, there's always a unique requirement of the customer and we are more than glad to meet it. Our products are lightweight, low maintenance, durable, cost effective and above all of consistent quality. Quality - that's made possible through years of extensive research, trials and tests. The forthcoming pages clearly describe our storage equipment's advantage over conventional type of equipments either from wood or plastic.With over a decade long engineering and fabrication experience at hand and a highly skilled and motivated team of professionals at helm, we are confident to meet any of your material handling and storage requirements. Be it design concept or construction, sample produce or mass production. Expect the same quality that's the hallmark of every Stakall product. Steel pallets are a step towards conserving nature. Use steel pallets; conserve nature.
Products And Services
Double Deck Pallets
In stock 
These are same type of pallets with an exception of having a four way entry for the fork lift and stackers. Double face pallets are can be designed with load carrying capacities from 500 kg to 5000 kg (far superior to wooden or plastic pallet.) The pallet is designed having two corrugated planks...
Group: Pallets
Single Deck Pallets
In stock 
These are same type of pallets with an exception of having a four way entry for the fork lift and stackers. Single deck pallets can be designed with load carrying capacities from 500 kg to 1500 kg (far superior to wooden or plastic pallet.) The construction of the pallet is such that there are...
Group: Pallets
Mini Containers
In stock 
STAKALL introduces MINI CONTANIERS, Designed such that they fit in exact multiples in a 20�or 40�container without even wasting an inch of space Two ways entry type compatible with fork lift truck, hand pallet truck as well as with cranesDue to its compact size it is easy to handle, as it...
Group: Containers
Cage Bins
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Cage bins are see through type. The construction of the cage bin is using structural as well as rolled sections.Easy visual inspection of the stored products, as sides covered with wire mesh.Drop open door on one side, which allow easy access to the stored items even in the stacked condition.Four...
Group: Baskets
Corrugated Steel Boxes
In stock 
STAKALL provides the most modern method of storing and handling items of irregular shapes or fragile nature, which are unsuitable for use with flat pallet. STAKALL introduces Heavy Duty Corrugated Steel Boxes. Extra strong and rigid, longer equipment life, lower maintenance and repairTwo way...
Group: Corrugation boxes
Wing Pallets
In stock 
These are single deck pallets specially designed for Drive-in-system where the pallets are supported only at the ends. The construction of the pallet is in two parts and the joint is on the sides,one part forms the top face of the pallet and the other part forms the bottom sides,bottom includes the...
Group: Pallets
Scarp Box
In stock 
�Ideal for collection of industrial waste. �Sturdy design to take abuse. �4 way entry type. �Pins provided at the sides to lift and empty the box by means of crane. �Tapered front for ease of empting a well as collection of waste. �Can be provided with castors for easy of movement within the...
Group: Boxes
Collapsible Cage Bins
In stock 
�All steel construction, having hollow section for light weight. �Collapsible to 1/3rd the original height. �Stackable in collapsed condition up to 10high. �Stackable in loaded condition up to 2 high. �Saves space when not in use �Ideal for transporting of material between plants. �Saves on...
Group: Ventilated crates
Snout End Bins
In stock 
We offer our clients a wide range of SnoutEndBins that is used to store objects that are small in size.
Group: Boxes made of polyethylene, plastic
Drum Pallets
In stock 
Designed to store two drums per palletCan be stacked up to 4 highProvides the quickest, safest & easiest method of moving and handling loaded steel drums Can be moved individually or by the stack with a forklift truckCan be accessed on all the four sidesCradles are made from MS pressed...
Group: Pallets


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